Online- & cloud-based operations | COVID-19 related issues

March 20th, 2020

In this notification:

  • Information on online- & cloud-based operations
  • COVID-19 related issues


  • We received a lot of questions about online- and cloud-based operations
  • This notification is to provide you with relevant information

Online- and cloud-based operations: yes, please do!

  • We believe in online- and cloud-based operations for your company processes as well as for all client-related handling and operational processes, including intakes, meetings, document review(s).
  • The current developments regarding COVID-19 underline the relevance and urgency of online- and cloud-based operations. Now is the moment for a respectful good-bye to old-school-working and to implement the 21st century with its new possibilities and techniques.

Online- and cloud-based operations: authorization granted

  • Document ADR.PD.003 Process and Procedure Requirements is updated with a new article 14.
  • Article 14 authorizes online- and cloud-based operations as well as how to implement this in your company.
  • Conclusion: nothing unclear, no uncertainties. Authorization officially granted as laid down in document ADR.PD.003. Use this document to explain the ins-and-outs to your clients.

Inform your clients

It is relevant your clients are aware you are registered/certified with ADR Register and how this affects them. It is advised to add the next clause (or a similar clause) into your terms & conditions or contracts.

ADR Register

  1. (name practitioner) is registered and certified with ADR Register under the main scope(s) (complete your main scope(s), possible main scopes are arbitrator, conflict coach, mediator, negotiator).
  2. The following ADR Register quality documents apply to all our services::
    1. ADR.PD.002 Code of conduct
    2. ADR.PD.003 Process- and procedure requirements
    3. GNG.PD.007 Rules for complaints against or among certificate holders
  3. The here before mentioned documents will be email-forwarded at 1st request and are published at our public website

Advice on online- and cloud-based-working


  • Make sure the concept `Informed, Familiar, and Consenting` applies to your contracts and operational handling processes. Make it reproducible/auditable via process documents, such as minutes, meeting-reports, etcetera.
  • Do this to avoid misunderstandings and – if necessary or applicable – to support complaint handling and (re)certification audits.

Hard- and software

  • Use trusted hard- and software only.
  • For video conferencing, several programs are available. ZOOM is a globally accepted professional multi-functional tool that supports scope-relevant options, such as caucus interventions, and is GDPR proof.
  • Skype is a popular tool for individual and group video-conferences.
  • Tools like FaceTime and Whatsapp can be used for individual and group (video) chats.
  • Make sure additional agreements are made with regards to audio and video recording and related storing/filing, sharing, other using-purposes.
  • Under all circumstances: don’t store files local only! Documents are likely to be filed in a secured cloud. Cloud storage facilitates 24/7 access and the implementation of tailor-made access rights, including secured access for clients. Many cloud solutions have data-loss prevention built in to guarantee reproducibility. Microsoft (Office 365) and Google (G suite) offer professional and affordable solutions for this.


  • Follow the instruction and guidelines of your national government and the WHO.
  • Replace physical meetings with online meetings. Or: postpone the physical meeting and propose another date/time. By doing the aforementioned you are offering an appropriate alternative.
  • Cancellations: be critical concerning cancellations and requests for crediting invoices. It is our opinion that cancellations and credit requests can be partially or fully rejected if you offer appropriate alternatives. In other words: there is no obligation to accept cancellations and credit requests if alternatives are offered.
  • Instruction, guidance, and time-tolerance: we all face a challenging time and exceptional circumstances. Clients might not be familiar with online- and cloud-based operations. The advice is to instruct and guide them as much as possible and necessary. Consider not invoicing them for this and have patience where possible. Consider your efforts as an investment in client-satisfaction and a sustainable relationship.

Something unclear, or are you facing other challenges? Contact us and we will do our utmost to assist you.

Currently, we receive a lot of questions. In the interest of full disclosure, this means we are not always able to respond in time or have a personal in-depth-chat. Therefore, please send us an email in order to make it possible we can handle it adequately and in a reasonable time frame. Thanks in advance for your understanding and co-operation.

For now: after rain the sun will always shine, take care of your self and your loved-ones, stay healthy and more than ever: carpe diem!

With warm regards,

Team ADR Register