All information about complaint handling and filing an appeal at a glance!
You may:
  • File an appeal against certification decisions or an audit results
  • File a complaint about Global Network Group or against a certificate holder
At request, Global Network Group handles disputes among certificate holders.
The following process documents are applicable:
  • Document GNG.PD.004.INT Rules for appeal against certification decisions
  • Document GNG.PD.005.INT Rules for appeal against audit results
  • Document GNG.PD.006.INT Rules for complaints about Global Network Group
  • Document GNG.PD.007.INT Rules for complaints against or among certificate holders
Complaints against certificateholders are handled against the following process documents:
  • Document ADR.PD.002.INT Code of conduct
  • Document ADR.PD.003.INT Process- & procedure requirements
  • Document GNG.PD.008.INT Rules for CPD
  • Document GNG.PD.009.INT Rules for the use of logo's and word trade marks
  • Document GNG.PD.011.INT Code of conduct & guidelines for online meetings and webinars
CLICK HERE to read and to download the herebefore mentioned documents
CLICK HERE to file a complaint about Global Network Group
CLICK HERE to file a complaint against a certificate holder
Internal investigation
Global Network Group holds the right to start an internal investigation, at all times, in all matters and at its sole discretion. If a situation is noticed in which no complaint is filed or we experience the need for improvement or change, the internal investigation is the appropriate management tool to gather all relevant information, to reflect on the outcomes and based on that to consider updating rules, regulations, procedures and to implement the necessary improvements. The participation in an internal investigation is compulsory for all our practitioners. The participation of the clients of our practitioners, if applicable, is required, considered as valuable, relevant and necessary, however, can not be enforced. An internal investigation is confidential unless decided differently. All outcomes are reported to ICC Council.
Fraternal counselling
Global Network Group facilitates peer counselling for the registered and certified practitioners. We do understand practitioners might experience professional issues and dilemmas during their work on which they wish to reflect confidentially with another professional. Senior and highly experienced practitioners are available to provide the required peer counselling. Peer counselling is only available for certified practitioners, but not for their clients.