Knowledge audit mediator

In order to get certified as mediator, the auditee must deliver proof of a sufficient result of a qualifying scope relevant knowledge audit (theory exam).
Reference documents
  • ADR.AD.001 Requirements audit documents ADR Register (audit elements - final terms)
  • ADR.PF.023 Knowledge audit mediator
Performance indicator
  • Completed knowledge audit or proof of experience and knowledge levels or proof of gained experience and competencies
Allowed evidence
  • Or: copy of a certificate, diploma, or similar document
  • Or: evaluation and statement issued by an auditor
  • Or: for assessment of Global Network Group exemption based on:
    • other certifications, recognizations, or memberships
    • prior experience and competencies
    • similar experience-, knowledge-, skills-, work level
Qualifying knowledge audits
  • Or: knowledge audit ADR Register
  • Or: knowledge audit operated by an accredited training provider or exam declaration issued by a certified auditor
    • Knowledge audit Mediation Academy | The Mediation Academy (South Africa)
    • Knowledge audit Strategisch Coachen Groep (Netherlands)
  • Or: recognized knowledge audit
    • Belgische Federale Bemiddelingscommissie (Belgium)
    • Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (United Kingdom)
    • Intop - Mediators Federatie Nederland (Netherlands)
    • Mediation Training Institute (worldwide)
    • South African Association for Mediators (South Africa)
  • Or: exam declaration issued by a certified auditor
  • Or: qualifying result process-, procedure-, skills audit
Knowledge audit options
  • Online (multiple choice - exam software Global Network Group)
  • Exam declaration issued by a certified auditor
  • Essay taken/judged by a certified auditor
  • Remote taken/judged by a certified auditor (phone - skype - teams - webex - zoom)