Overview qualifying training- & exam programs

In order to get certified, the auditee must deliver proof of a completed qualifying scope relevant training program

Performance indicator

  • Completed scope qualifying professional training or proof of experience and knowledge levels or proof of gained experience and competencies

Allowed evidence

  • Or: copy of a certificate, diploma, or similar document
  • Or: evaluation and statement issued by the training provider
  • Or: for assessment of Global Network Group exemption based on:
    • other certifications, recognizations, or memberships
    • prior experience and competencies
    • similar experience-, knowledge-, skills-, work level

Qualifying training programs

  • Or: training program completed with an accredited training provider
  • Or: recognized training completed with a not-accredited training provider
  • Or: indivual curriculum audit not-recognized training program, minimum = 14 training days = 84 clock hours
  • Or: completed scope relevant educational program mediation, recognized by a government, EQF 5 or higher
  • Or: qualifying result process-, procedure-, skills audit (only possible if over 5 years experience and over 75 handled client assignments)
Contact office-operations for all information about the accreditation- and recognition procedures.
arb = arbiter | cc = conflictcoach | med = mediator | neg = negotiator
cc is possible if a full coach training program or specialization training program family mediation is completed
Read: name, location, scopes
Accredited training institutes (all training programs are recognized)
Aar Mediation & Coaching (Netherlands + former Dutch Antilles) - med neg
Academie voor Mediationopleidingen (Netherlands) - cc med neg
ADR Network SA (South Africa) - med neg
AMV Opleidingen (Netherlands) - cc med neg
Artio Academie BV (Netherlands) - (tax)med neg
Caleidoscoop Leertrajecten (Netherlands) - cc med neg
Conflictbemiddeling Nederland - including: Edumonde (Netherlands) - cc med neg
De Mediators Opleiders (Netherlands) - cc med neg
Empathy Law International ADR Institute (Thailand) - med neg
Institute of Paralegal Training & Leadership Studies (Ghana) - med neg
LifeMediation.NL (Netherlands) - cc med neg
Match It - including: Mediation College (Netherlands) - cc med neg
Mediasi Mediation & Training (Netherlands) - cc med neg
Mediation Academy - The Mediation Academy (South Africa) - cc med neg
Mediation Educatie Centrum (Netherlands) - cc med neg
Mediation Institute Australia (Australia) - med neg
Strategisch Coachen Groep (Netherlands) - arb cc med neg
Toolkit Company (Netherlands) - med neg
VCM Opleiders (Belgium, Netherlands) - cc med neg
Voorkans - Prediation® Business Academy - med neg (prediation)
Recognized training programs operated by a lead-trainer - the recognition is owned by the lead-trainer and not transferable
Barbara Abdoelkariem (Aruba - Bonaire - Curacao - Saba - Saint Eustatius - Saint-Martin) - med neg
Jacqueline O'Brien (South Africa) - med neg
Gjalt Schippers (Netherlands) - med neg
Recognized training programs operated by not accredited training providers
American Board for NLP (ABNLP, United States of America) - cc
Belgische Federale Bemiddelingscommissie (FBC, Belgium) - med neg fammed
Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) (United Kingdom) - med fammed
Centrum voor Criminaliteitspreventie & Veiligheid (CCV, Netherlands) - neg
Comensa (South Africa) - cc
European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC, Europa) - cc
International Chambers of Commerce (worldwide) - arb
International Coaching Federation (ICF, worldwide) - cc
Intop - med
Mediation Training Institute (MTI, worldwide) - med neg
Mediators Federatie Nederland (MFN, Netherlands) - med neg fammed
Nederlandse Orde van Beroepscoaches (NOBCO, Netherlands) - cc
Raad voor Rechtsbijstand Nederland (protocol family mediation) - fammed
Register Financieel Echtscheidingsadviseurs (RFEA) - fammed
Royal Institute Chartered Surveyors (RICS, worldwide) - arb med neg
South African Association for Mediators (SAAM, South Africa) - med neg