E.M.L. (Eric) Martens

 E.M.L. (Eric) Martens FRICS
E.M.L. (Eric) Martens FRICS
Eric Martens

Executive advisor Nemas bv.

Currently working with

Name Place Website
Nemas BV | Eric Martens 354, Parkweg, Voorburg, Leidschendam-Voorburg, South Holland, Netherlands, 2271 BK, Netherlands


Name Number Valid till
Certification - full Negotiator ADR.NEGOTIATOR.CERTIFICATION - FULL.E.M.L. (ERIC)-MARTENS.2020-01-01.JTUFXP 2025-01-01
Certification - full Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.CERTIFICATION - FULL.E.M.L. (ERIC)-MARTENS.2020-01-01.NEN80Z 2025-01-01
Certification - full Arbitrator ADR.ARBITRATOR.CERTIFICATION - FULL.E.M.L. (ERIC)-MARTENS.2020-01-01.FNUISO 2025-01-01
Certification - associate Arbitrator ADR.ARBITRATOR.CERTIFICATION - ASSOCIATE.E.M.L. (ERIC)-MARTENS.2018-01-01.0X6F0K 2025-01-01
Certification - associate Negotiator ADR.NEGOTIATOR.CERTIFICATION - ASSOCIATE.E.M.L. (ERIC)-MARTENS.2018-01-01.5R6X9U 2025-01-01
Certification - associate Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.CERTIFICATION - ASSOCIATE.E.M.L. (ERIC)-MARTENS.2018-01-01.3T7N5A 2025-01-01

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