M.A. (Manon) Schonewille

mr. M.A. (Manon) Schonewille
mr. M.A. (Manon) Schonewille
Manon Schonewille
Certified Business Mediator and Negotiator | Educator | Trainer | Speaker | Author

I have been a business mediator for more than 20 years. When I started my career as a young dedicated company lawyer a client once told me: ‘Thanks but this legal approach doesn’t make sense, I will solve it in a commercial way.’ It was a key moment and questioning what is truly driving your client and how to serve them best vs. a purely legal mindset probably influenced my decision for a career switch to become a marketing manager at companies like Schering, Nestle and Guhl.

Being in charge of an international department I was often asked to negotiate (I did not know the term 'mediation' yet) between the international head office, subsidiaries, colleagues, clients or competitors. Another key moment was when somebody told me ‘There are people who make a living out of this, it’s called mediation.’ I was immediately motivated to follow several mediation and negotiation courses including the PON at Harvard law school in Boston.
Ever since, my business is about making, saving or ending deals, combined with my passion to teach others how to do that as well. Enabling clients to successfully close deals: faster and easier to implement.

I can support lawyers and executives through the life cycle of their deals and collaborations. Making a deal as a deal facilitator or negotiation coach and saving or carefully ending a deal, employment contract or partnership as a mediator.
I can also help you to become a mediator yourself or a better negotiator. As a trainer I'm specialised in training professionals in the advanced use of mediation and negotiation techniques. More info: www.academylegalmediation.nl and www.toolkitcompany.com

I love what I do and if you are looking for a mediator or want to learn more about mediation and negotiation tactics and techniques or what taking a different approach as a lawyer can do for you, please contact me. A discovery call or enjoying a nice cup of coffee to see if we are a good fit to work together is free.


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Certification (sub scope) Conflictnavigator - Inheritance coach ADR.CONFLICTNAVIGATOR - INHERITANCE COACH.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).M.A. (MANON)-SCHONEWILLE.2021-12-01.FGEFAI 2027-01-01
Certification (sub scope) Mediator - work place mediator ADR.MEDIATOR - WORK PLACE MEDIATOR.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).M.A. (MANON)-SCHONEWILLE.2021-12-01.CBQPLN 2027-01-01
Certification (sub scope) Conflictnavigator - trainer ADR.CONFLICTNAVIGATOR - TRAINER.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).M.A. (MANON)-SCHONEWILLE.2021-12-01.ELJXRH 2027-01-01
Certification (sub scope) Conflictnavigator - mentor ADR.CONFLICTNAVIGATOR - MENTOR.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).M.A. (MANON)-SCHONEWILLE.2021-12-01.GMGQUR 2027-01-01
Certification (sub scope) Conflictnavigator - auditor ADR.CONFLICTNAVIGATOR - AUDITOR.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).M.A. (MANON)-SCHONEWILLE.2021-12-01.LUOECV 2027-01-01
Certification (sub scope) Conflictnavigator - lawyer ADR.CONFLICTNAVIGATOR - LAWYER.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).M.A. (MANON)-SCHONEWILLE.2021-12-01.IPGWUS 2027-01-01
Certification (full) Conflictcoach ADR.ICR.CONFLICTCOACH.CERTIFICATION (FULL).M.A. (MANON)-SCHONEWILLE.2021-12-01.HLNAAN 2027-01-01
Certification (full) Arbitrator ADR.ARBITRATOR.CERTIFICATION (FULL).M.A. (MANON)-SCHONEWILLE.2021-12-01.EKIFSZ 2027-01-01
Certification (full) Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.CERTIFICATION (FULL).M.A. (MANON)-SCHONEWILLE.2021-12-01.XDOBBD 2027-01-01
Certification (full) Negotiator ADR.NEGOTIATOR.CERTIFICATION (FULL).M.A. (MANON)-SCHONEWILLE.2021-12-01.WKNVSI 2027-01-01

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