Mediation4U BV | Pim van der Hagen

Mediation4U BV | Pim van der Hagen
Mediation4U BV | Pim van der Hagen

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Esdoornstraat 13
5712NS Someren

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13, Esdoornstraat, Someren-Eind, Someren, North Brabant, Netherlands, 5712 NS, Netherlands

T: +31(0)651540236
M: +31(0)651540236
Pim Van Der Hagen

ADR Registermediator / MFN Register Mediator bij Mediation4U BV
Mierlo, North Brabant Province, Netherlands

There are many blue oceans to be conquered. Combining fast growth with :
- Customer and employee satisfaction
- Innovation versus simplicity
- Organizational change and business process optimalisation
- In balance with my private life
Is my ongoing challenge!

To conquer blue oceans you can use a boat. Be creative and explore also the world beneath the surface; there you will find another world and lot's of inspiration. That's why I Dive.


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