Barry Greyvenstein

 Barry Greyvenstein
Barry Greyvenstein
- Family Law Mediatior specialising in Divorce
- Lecturer and co-founder at Mediation Academy (previously with Family Justice and Social Justice)
- Guest Lecturer at NWU
- Mediation Assessment (Dept. of Social Development & private)
- Also available for business consulting (process design, training, operational)


Name Number Valid till
Reward (practitioner of excellence) Conflictnavigator - practitioner of excellence ADR.CONFLICTNAVIGATOR - PRACTITIONER OF EXCELLENCE.REWARD (PRACTITIONER OF EXCELLENCE).BARRY-GREYVENSTEIN.2022-09-14.NVTJIF N/A
Certification (full) Conflictcoach ADR.ICR.CONFLICTCOACH.CERTIFICATION (FULL).BARRY-GREYVENSTEIN.2016-10-25.TEMYSO 2025-01-01
Certification (full) Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.CERTIFICATION (FULL).BARRY-GREYVENSTEIN.2016-10-25.YGZBPE 2025-01-01
Certification (sub scope) Conflictnavigator - mentor ADR.CONFLICTNAVIGATOR - MENTOR.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).BARRY-GREYVENSTEIN.2016-10-25.FUQUWQ 2025-01-01
Certification (sub scope) Conflictnavigator - trainer ADR.CONFLICTNAVIGATOR - TRAINER.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).BARRY-GREYVENSTEIN.2016-10-25.XUTZTS 2025-01-01
Certification (full) Negotiator ADR.NEGOTIATOR.CERTIFICATION (FULL).BARRY-GREYVENSTEIN.2016-10-25.AZYHTX 2025-01-01
Certification (sub scope) Mediator - divorce mediator (family mediator) ADR.MEDIATOR - DIVORCE MEDIATOR (FAMILY MEDIATOR).CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).BARRY-GREYVENSTEIN.2016-10-25.5M3Q6I 2025-01-01

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