J.G.J. (Johan) Schoppert

 J.G.J. (Johan) Schoppert
J.G.J. (Johan) Schoppert
John Schoppert. EMCI-Qualified Yacht broker age 45 years old.

At the age of 18 I started sailing on the so-called “Brown sail” with passenger sailing vessels. Sail after 13 seasons it was time for a new challenge.

This challenge was found in a yacht brokers training at the then Blei & Hetterschijt yacht brokers in Enkhuizen, where mainly used and new sailing yachts were sold. After passing the DOC training yacht broker/appraiser and accomplishing the required years of experience I was asked as branch manager of the motor yachts establishment of B & H in Zwartsluis.
A fun and successful period, after which I was asked to put on a new brokerage at the Kranerweerd Marina, likewise in Zwartsluis. After more than 10 enjoyable years Kranerweerd/Yacht-Gallery check out, it was time to go to work and to the buyers side to find the right people to help with buying a boat and the negotiations. This was the start of my own company Boatbiz and the website www.buyaboatinholland.com.

These 15 years as selling yacht broker were very educational. Buying and selling processes, prepurchase and negotiation strategies, all facets of the profession are known to me. At this time I have around 1000 motor and sailing yachts and ex-professional ships sold and inspected.

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