Tineke Otter

BSc. Tineke Otter
BSc. Tineke Otter
In- z is the company name of the project and interim managament office of Tineke Otter. I work my assignments with a lot of energy, passion and pleasure. In every assignment at the intersection of professional management, social impact or innovation and implicite complexities, there's an opportunity to make a difference. I am very motivated to try and make a difference.

I have started in-z as a company in 2003. In August 2006 I have moved with the family to Bangalore in India, for an assignment of my partner. It has been a great experience to live and work in a different culture and environment. Especially the voluntary work I started in one of Bangalore's large slum areas was a rewarding experience. Since August 2010 we're back in the Netherlands.

At my web-site you'll find more information about my work, my life and my business.

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IN-Z | Tineke Otter 18, Vogelenzangsestraat, Schuytgraaf, Arnhem, Gelderland, Nederland, 6846BA, Nederland


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