Honorary status awarded to Paul Walters

Mr. Paul Walter (1952) is awarded by ADR International Register with the title HONORARY PRACTITIONER.
Paul is a Dutch mediation pioneer. Around 1995, Paul Walters, among some others, introduced mediation and mediator as a profession in the Netherlands. He was one of the founding fathers and the first secretary – board member of the Netherlands Mediation Institute NMI (1995 - 1998). Being the first NMI director (1998 – 2007), Paul personally worked around the clock to inspire professionals to become a mediator, to explain mediation and its benefits to the public and to integrate mediation as a process and mediator as a profession within the Dutch landscape of conflict resolution. Paul’s efforts were effective and permanent. Nowadays, in the Netherlands, mediation is well known, accepted and sustainable. Paul is still active as a mediator and in related positions. Silent, invisible, however very present, Paul advises many mediators and mediation organizations. Key success factor: Paul remains strictly independent and is therefore welcomed and respected by all stakeholders. ADR Register is grateful and proud to have Paul Walters among her certificate holders. Paul Walters is the first person in ADR International Register to be awarded the title HONORARY PRACTITIONER.
For more information contact:
mr. Paul Walters: +31(0)6 5117 0516
ADR Register: +31(0)88 0038 777