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 Anselmo Hoogkamer
Anselmo Hoogkamer
We dedicate ourselves to recovering internationally abducted children.

International child abduction generally concerns a child who has been taken by one parent away from the other. Sometimes it concerns a child who has been taken by grandparents, family members or others, away from the parent(s). That child has been then taken - without authorization or against existing agreements - to a foreign country. You can also talk of international child abduction if the child is not brought back or returned home on time.

The IECC intervenes when the legal system -available in your country- lets you down and, regardless from where in the world, brings your child back home. Un-orthodox, but legal.

Our organization has conducted several successful recoveries. We have recovered children from countries all over the world. These successful recoveries were all conducted since 1999.

Specialism: ADR - Full Certified Arbitrator & Mediator. Talented individual with outstanding leadership, and operator skills. Proven ability to analyze, organize and effectively communicate information, and operate in high-stress situations, such as in Legal International Parental Child Recovery operations. Alternative Dispute Resolution ( ADR ).



Name Number Valid till
Persons | full certified Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.ANSELMO-HOOGKAMER.2013-06-01.8R2P9H N/A
Persons | full certified Master-negotiator ADR.MASTER-NEGOTIATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.ANSELMO-HOOGKAMER.2013-06-01.1Z4M0S N/A
Persons | full certified Arbitrator ADR.ARBITRATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.ANSELMO-HOOGKAMER.2013-06-01.0Z1H6D N/A
Persons | full certified Conflictcoach ADR.ICR.CONFLICTCOACH.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.ANSELMO-HOOGKAMER.2013-06-01.0A9L7D N/A

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