M.C. (Maarten) Twigt

 M.C. (Maarten) Twigt
M.C. (Maarten) Twigt
Maarten Twigt

Professional in Business Development & Sales
Waalseiland Beheer BV University of California, Los Angeles

I'm a quick thinker who easily makes connections. My communication skills are excellent, enabling me to interact at all levels in an organization, deliver a message and convince. I'm a "Yes, we can" type of person who aims for solutions that benefits all parties involved. I excel in roles close to the actual operation, hands-on, with room to manoeuvre. My experience and strength ly in building up businesses from scratch to self-supportive in a short period of time. I have a proven successful track record in that field.


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Persons | associate certified Master-negotiator ADR.MASTER-NEGOTIATOR.PERSONS | ASSOCIATE CERTIFIED.M.C. (MAARTEN)-TWIGT.2018-09-01.1H2O6J 2021-01-01
Persons | associate certified Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.PERSONS | ASSOCIATE CERTIFIED.M.C. (MAARTEN)-TWIGT.2018-09-01.0K2I9N 2021-01-01

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