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Dr. Mike Talbot MA, MSc, D. Psych
Dr. Mike Talbot MA, MSc, D. Psych
ADR full certified mediator and negotiator Mike Talbot

Conflict is normal and inevitable. Disputes happen. Mostly, we can sort things out by talking, listening, compromising and collaborating. When we get stuck in our disputes, though, that is when conflict can get stressful, costly, and distracting.

This is where UK Mediation comes in. We lead the way in resolving conflict quickly, privately, and without the need for formal action. We can train you to be a dispute resolver yourself, or we can get mediation working for you within your organisation.

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Mike Talbot, is a renowned mediator, trainer, psychotherapist, author, and consultant. Along with a great team at UK Mediation, Mike has developed a market-leading range of training courses and conflict resolution services.

Let me show you how to take away the stress, expense, and distraction of having to deal with unresolved conflict.

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