K.H.E. (Karin) Thijssen

 K.H.E. (Karin) Thijssen EFA RFEA
K.H.E. (Karin) Thijssen EFA RFEA
Karin Thijssen EFA RFEA
Financieel Adviseur | Sparringspartner | Financieel Regisseur | Echtscheidingen

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Name Number Valid till
Certification - associate Negotiator ADR.NEGOTIATOR.CERTIFICATION - ASSOCIATE.K.H.E. (KARIN)-THIJSSEN.2022-05-01.HSNGLO 2028-01-01
Certification - associate Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.CERTIFICATION - ASSOCIATE.K.H.E. (KARIN)-THIJSSEN.2022-05-01.VDWDGR 2028-01-01

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