O. (Odette) Read

Ms O. (Odette) Read Senior Paralegal
Ms O. (Odette) Read Senior Paralegal
Odette is a qualified Senior Paralegal who is a highly efficient specialist in international compliance and internal audit processes allowing her to bring a global outlook to any situation. Having the ability to manage cultural differences with ease and a scarce ability to win the trust of a diverse work force. Driven by pride and acute interest in every project taken on to ensure that attention to detail is a key priority maintained throughout. A never-resting mind always ensuring the company and personal integrity remains the first priority in all situations.

She has the ability to be impartial, frank and decisive allowing her to deal with conflict matters in a positive, logical and unbiased manner. Her approach and passion for conflict resolution led us to start our company together with a single vision - When a client is faced with a mountain of a problem there is always a way to tackle it together - over, under or through it!

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Persons | associate certified Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.PERSONS | ASSOCIATE CERTIFIED.O. (ODETTE)-READ.2020-09-01.4ZP3OS 2025-10-01
Persons | associate certified Master-negotiator ADR.MASTER-NEGOTIATOR.PERSONS | ASSOCIATE CERTIFIED.O. (ODETTE)-READ.2020-09-01.KWYHSI 2025-10-01

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