N.M.M. Koeleman

 N.M.M. Koeleman MscBA, BA, BS
N.M.M. Koeleman MscBA, BA, BS
Dear reader,

Complexity starts simple,
simplicity starts complex.

Complexity in Environmental Sciences and Politics, Consultancy, Art as well as in Human Relations is appealing in asking for effective, ethic and esthetic solutions in which all interests are more or less met. As I say from my idealistic point of view. Matured by experience, with successes and with failures, I am aware of the fact that nevertheless aiming for it might be a succesfull first step. Especially when done together with other people, with the richness of a variety of perspectives and possibilities.

From my deep interest in how people behave and how they can be supported in modify their attitude in order to gain benefits for themselves and for other people, I started the course of professional mediator at the Centrum voor Conflicthantering, Haarlem, the Netherlands. More precisely I was introduced, educated and coached in this field by Marga Schreuder-Tromp and Nicolette Bremerkamp. Two greatly dedicated teachers and also two wonderful and inspiring people. They empowered me with the essential driving force for succesfull mediation: having interest in people. This was in 2006 and 2007.

So from that moment on I did interesting mediations in the field of environmental issues between companies and citizens, between scientists and consultants, and between representatives of countries operating on a world market. The majority of my mediations are done in the Netherlands, but I\'ve also mediated in international business contexts like the International Organization for Standardization.

My background is varied. I am educated as environmental engineer, artist and in business administration. From that background I am familiar with a large variety of people. At the moment I am leading a group of 20 specialists on air quality in the Rotterdam area, and I practice in my small private enterprise as a visual artist.

I look forward to new cases to be taking care of!

Kind regards,
Marcel Koeleman

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