Jacques Honkoop

 Jacques Honkoop BI RI
Jacques Honkoop BI RI
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Synthese Consultancy BV 59, Heetakker, Soest, Utrecht, Netherlands, 3762AZ, The Netherlands


Name Number Valid till
Persons | full certified Arbitrator ADR.ARBITRATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.JACQUES-HONKOOP.2011-09-01.0A5Q5N N/A
Persons | full certified Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.JACQUES-HONKOOP.2011-09-01.4I6E8J N/A
Persons | full certified Master-negotiator ADR.MASTER-NEGOTIATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.JACQUES-HONKOOP.2011-09-01.7O4W9T N/A
Persons | full certified Courtmediator ADR.COURTMEDIATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.JACQUES-HONKOOP.2011-09-01.9W1K6V N/A

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