W.H. Groot Enzerink

 W.H. Groot Enzerink
W.H. Groot Enzerink
Certified as a mediator by Raad van Mediators and ADR International Register.

My specialty is mediating in conflicts between employer and employee.

Currently working with

Name Place Website
Groot Enzerink Mediation 36, Kastanjelaan, Heerle, Roosendaal, North Brabant, Netherlands, 4726 BP, Netherlands


Name Number Valid till
Certification - associate Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.CERTIFICATION - ASSOCIATE.W.H.-GROOT ENZERINK.2014-05-01.3H8R0O 2025-01-01
Certification - associate Negotiator ADR.NEGOTIATOR.CERTIFICATION - ASSOCIATE.W.H.-GROOT ENZERINK.2014-05-01.3N9Q2A 2025-01-01

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