Peter H. Juffer

 Peter H. Juffer MBA CFP RES
Peter H. Juffer MBA CFP RES
Experienced Home Loan Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Operations Management, Banking, Coaching, Commercial Banking, and Dutch. Strong finance professional with a RFEA focused in Register Financieel Echtscheidingsadviseur from RFEA Lindenheaghe en Dukers&Baelemans. Member of De Scheidiingsdeskundige.

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Certificering (full) Bemiddelaar/onderhandelaar (negotiator) .BEMIDDELAAR/ONDERHANDELAAR (NEGOTIATOR).CERTIFICERING (FULL).PETER H.-JUFFER.2019-12-01.DH5NVX 2025-01-01
Certificering (full) Mediator .MEDIATOR.CERTIFICERING (FULL).PETER H.-JUFFER.2019-12-01.8BQSCC 2025-01-01

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