Christopher A. Derby-Lewis

 Christopher A. Derby-Lewis Assoc RICS 6496659
Christopher A. Derby-Lewis Assoc RICS 6496659
Arbitration Foundation of South Africa - Panelist
RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) – Valuer AssocRICS 6496659
RICS – Presidents Panel Mediator Sub Saharan Africa
DiSAC (The South African Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council)
Court Appointed Appraiser for the Greater Cape.

Arbitration – University of Pretoria – Law Faculty
Valuations – RICS
Professional Ethics – RICS
Civil and Commercial Mediation – RICS
Project Management – CPUT
UNISA – Law of Property valuations 1, Marketing 1, Property Valuation 1, Building Practice 1
Accredited International Mediator
Accredited AFSA Arbitrator
RICS Adjudication/University of Pretoria Diploma Course – Current (complete January 2020).

Civil and Commercial Mediation and Arbitration with the following specialised fields:
 Valuations
 Risk Assessment
 Project Management
 Construction
 Damage Assessment
 Insurance
 Evidentuary investigative reporting
 Dispute resolution
 Technical inspections and reporting
 Delict claims
 General disputes and arbitration

 Servitudes
 Subdivision
 Water rights (allocation)
 Town planning requirements
 Services installation for new development and requirements
 Access to new developments
 Valuing of township land
 Development Application at council level
 Building Guidelines according to building act
 Occupational health and safety on sole OHS act
 Site planning /management and requirements
 Quality control of building specifications, building work and end product
 Spatial development plans
 Fire inspection (Fire safety requirements)
 Insurance claim assessments (value of claim)
 Property valuations: Farms, Residential, Commercial, Municipal, development land.
 Management of Information: Dealing with Town Council.
 Research to determine value and damage.
 Determining Risk to Loan Value.
 Technical Inspections and reporting.
 Construction Management New Buildings: Building and Site Inspections, Casting and Setting out Foundations.
 Risk and Damage Assessment: Motivated Technical Reports on damage status, cause, cost of repair.
 Determining Replacement Costs.
 Reading of Building Plans, understanding guideline as set out by Council, Town Planning, Zoning Requirements and

Provision for Servitude's.
 Argue Value in Court Disputes.
 Auditing: All documentation relevant to the Project to keep within Budget and Time constraints.
 Building Contracts: Bills of Quantity (QS) Pricing of Project
 Risk Management and Financial Reporting and Calculations.
 Drafting of Contracts.
 Analyzing Balance Sheet, Financial Statements, Income and Expenditure Sheets.
 Civil Commercial Mediation.
 Arbitration.

My in depth knowledge and expertise grained in all sectors of the Financial Industry over 30years can add value to the
business allowing it to broaden its areas for arbitration by utilizing my skill set. This will assist the association to broaden its
business foot print within the Western Cape and the Northern Cape to Upington. Those are also the areas I currently service.
I always treat all the parties in an arbitration or mediation fairly. To understand the particulars giving rise to a claim is of the
utmost importance. I strive to be transparent and impartial throughout the process with all parties concerned. I always make a
concerted effort to familiarize myself with the case studies offered by the claimant and the respondent to their arguments. I
also do my own research to assist me in making a fair and just reward which is well motivated and incorporates case law
which can be referred too.
I therefore strongly uphold the ethics of any profession and always apply professional standards as re-ordered throughout
any dispute of arbitration.

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