U. (Upasana) Singh

 U. (Upasana) Singh Mediator and Trainer
U. (Upasana) Singh Mediator and Trainer
Upasana Singh is a conflict resolution professional, IMI certified mediator from the London School of Mediation, UK and High Court of Delhi, a practicing advocate, Supreme Court of India, and a learning enhancement specialist. She advises businesses, individuals, and educational institutes on methods of conflict resolution. She is the Founder and CEO of Accords International (AcIn). She holds the position of Reviewer with Indian Law Institute Law Review and Executive Editor of DME Journal of Law. She is also a Fellow with Global Policy Insights, a centralist policy institute based in India, the USA, and the UK. She is a member of Insights Collaboration International, Canada.


Name Number Valid till
Certification (sub scope) Conflictnavigator - mentor ADR.CONFLICTNAVIGATOR - MENTOR.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).U. (UPASANA)-SINGH.2022-07-01.WSAMOT 2028-01-01
Certification (full) Arbitrator ADR.ARBITRATOR.CERTIFICATION (FULL).U. (UPASANA)-SINGH.2022-07-01.LWEIQV 2028-01-01
Certification (sub scope) Conflictnavigator - lawyer ADR.CONFLICTNAVIGATOR - LAWYER.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).U. (UPASANA)-SINGH.2022-07-01.RWJYKC 2028-01-01
Certification (sub scope) Mediator - courtmediator ADR.MEDIATOR - COURTMEDIATOR.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).U. (UPASANA)-SINGH.2022-07-01.IBOCFG 2028-01-01
Certification (full) Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.CERTIFICATION (FULL).U. (UPASANA)-SINGH.2022-07-01.RQSPDO 2028-01-01
Certification (full) Negotiator ADR.NEGOTIATOR.CERTIFICATION (FULL).U. (UPASANA)-SINGH.2022-07-01.PQXSQS 2028-01-01
Certification (sub scope) Conflictnavigator - trainer ADR.CONFLICTNAVIGATOR - TRAINER.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).U. (UPASANA)-SINGH.2022-07-01.VMWNMX 2028-01-01

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