Mike Boelryk

 Mike Boelryk LL.D MA
Mike Boelryk LL.D MA
Mr. Michael Boelryk, LL.D., MA, certified Court-mediator & Arbitrator.
“Michael is quite an extraordinary person with a sharp mind and a friendly heart. When in his company, you can be sure, that you will have a sincere and friendly person on your side. Hospitality and willingness to give his undivided attention are just natural byproducts of having such a personality.” Avo May 2010

Michael obtained his law degree in Amsterdam in 1991. In 1992 he became Master in Criminology. Michael received his Doctorate in Law in 1998. He worked as assistant professor in Criminal Law in Amsterdam. He was treasurer for Forensic Society for many years. He was also visiting scholar at the Boalt Hall Law School, Berkeley, University of California. He has insights of Christian and Islamic Law as well as in Buddhist principles. He met locals in Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Michael gives workshops at international conferences in Europe and USA. He is founding Partner of Empathy.nLaw Mediation & Law Services. At this firm he worked as a crisis manager for multinational companies, dealing with multiple interests and fields of law, including labor law and administrative law. He is author of several Dispute Resolution handbooks \'Bemiddeling als alternatief\' (2001); \'Communicatie over arbeidsomstandigheden\' (2003) & \'Mediation voor verwijzers\' (2005) and juridical checklists and publications. In 2010 the 2nd edition of Mediation as an Alternative was published. In 2014 the English translation of Mediation as Alternative is published.

Michael Boelryk is expert in ADR: Appropriate Dispute Resolution systems and as such an expert conflict manager. Nowadays he focus on coaching expats, executives and others who like to get support in handling challenges in a new environment.


Name Number Valid till
Persons | full certified Master-negotiator ADR.MASTER-NEGOTIATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.MIKE-BOELRYK.2012-01-01.3Z1X5I N/A
Persons | full certified Arbitrator ADR.ARBITRATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.MIKE-BOELRYK.2012-01-01.5O1U8E N/A
Persons | full certified Courtmediator ADR.COURTMEDIATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.MIKE-BOELRYK.2012-01-01.1E3A4N N/A
Persons | full certified Familymediator ADR.FAMILYMEDIATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.MIKE-BOELRYK.2012-01-01.4P5E7T N/A
Persons | full certified Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.MIKE-BOELRYK.2012-01-01.5I4A4J N/A
Persons | full certified Conflictcoach ADR.ICR.CONFLICTCOACH.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.MIKE-BOELRYK.2012-01-01.6E3G6G N/A

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