Christian Roméo Njia

 Christian Roméo Njia
Christian Roméo Njia
• Legal Advisor
• Certified translator
• ADR Practitioner | Mediator
Higher Education Certified Courses:
• Florida State University | Higher Certificate in International Human Rights Law
• The State Bar of California - Provider No. 14119 | Certification of Mediation Training
• Macquarie Graduate School of Management | Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
• University of Birmingham | Higher Certificate in Corporate Lawyer: Ethics, Regulation & Purpose
• ALISON University - Ireland | Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies
• ALISON | Certificate in Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management Systems
Professional Affiliations:
• International Bar Association (IBA) | Member No. 1356892
• American Bar Association (ABA) | Member No. 03198263
• Full Certified Member of ADR International Register
• Australian Resolution Institute | Member No. 38871
• Member of South African Association of Mediators | Member No: SAAM1165
• Member of South African Paralegal Association Membership No. 01784296
• Member of Negotiation Mastery for Legal Profession
• Member of ADR _ Harvard Negotiation Law Review
• Member of Oxford University Press (OUP) Academic Law Journal
• United Nation Consulting Service Provider | Registration No. 410269
• Platinum Member of South Africa Business Network (SABN) – 2015
1. I offer my expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution (Negotiation or Mediation) to my clients when they so require.

My scope:
Representing clients at fora of alternative dispute resolution e.g. commissions, mediation & arbitration.
I must say I am generalist. But for the sake of precision I have decided to focus on a specific niche.

- Family Mediation/Divorce
- Independent Corporate Mediation services.
- Commercial Mediation/Negotiation
- Labor Dispute Mediation/Negotiation

2. I leave no stone unturned in my quest to find a settlement that align with restorative justice.
3. I have facilitated the resolution of a wide variety of disputes and I am very aware of the parties’ commercial & financial interests, their personal relationships and ultimately their legal rights & duties.
4. I strongly believe it is possible to resolve disputes by mediation in a way that preserves business interests and ongoing commercial relationships.
5. This is impossible to apply with disputes that are ultimately resolved in court.
6. Private client disputes have the potential to generate long everlasting disruption to family or other personal relationships.
7. Mediating is the best remedy to disputes. With mediation parties have the best opportunity to reduce the risk of damaging personal relationships and in some mediations parties can actually be reconciled.
8. Litigation is often very expensive and most of the times always ends with a rude separation.
9. The cost of the litigation includes but not limited to finance implications, time, interests, business/family relationship, emotional outweigh and more...
10. Mediation is always cost effective and most of the time leads to reconciliation.
11. In mediation we have the experience in the United Nation Dispute & Conflict resolution method known as "Community Capacity Enhancement (CCE)" that enables all parties to voluntarily explore all possible alternatives to dispute with the honest aim to avoid litigation.
12. We use principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution especially mediation, dialogue processes and restorative justice peacemaking and transformative justice:
- To transform lives, organizations, schools, communities and nations, etc…
- To settle legal and other disputes positively, promoting out of court settlement (OCS).
- To contend for Human Rights primarily Dignity
- To empower others to choose non-adversarial approach for dispute resolution and Alternative Dispute Resolution, with sincere focus on restorative justice & peacemaking throughout society especially in our courts, schools and workplaces
- To provide a space for people to tell their stories
13. Mediation offers the possibility to connect prospects to their dreams
- To be a freedom fighter-the battle ground is people's minds
- To raise the profile of the healing aspects of story telling
- To empower abused women
- To set people free of the victim/bully and us/them mindset
- To contend for peace and access to justice for all


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