A. (Anneke) Greyvenstein

 A. (Anneke) Greyvenstein
A. (Anneke) Greyvenstein
We believe in a society where justice, reconciliation and cooperation can be realised through the interactions of all members of society. Not just the domain of the wealthy, the influential or formal government structures, but freely available to all.

This concept is not new to South Africa. The rich culture and history of effective conflict resolution through African community mediation sees conflicts in their social contexts rather than isolated events. The practice of mediation on African soil predates even the millenium-old mediation guilds on the European subcontinent and have received recognition as superior conflict resolution mechanisms by both the United Nations and the African Union. In 1995 the concept of mediation was cast into the forefront by the proceedings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which sought to right past wrongs of human rights violations. This process was a beacon of unprecedented morality to the international community and gave closure to many communities and families.

The Social Justice Network aims at empowering communities, families and mediation professionals at the ground roots level of shared decision making through accredited training programs and mediation solutions. This goal stretches beyond the reach of a single company.

We invite you to become a part of this vision.


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Persons | full certified Familymediator ADR.FAMILYMEDIATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.A. (ANNEKE)-GREYVENSTEIN.2017-01-01.8Z6G3W N/A
Persons | full certified Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.A. (ANNEKE)-GREYVENSTEIN.2017-01-01.9B3T9J N/A

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