V. (Veruschka) Naidoo

 V. (Veruschka) Naidoo ADR.MED® (= ADR certified mediator) 
V. (Veruschka) Naidoo ADR.MED® (= ADR certified mediator) 
I am an accomplished motivator who studied Family Law Mediation with Mediation Academy. I am an internationally certified associate mediator who aims to be a partner in peaceful transition to all the individuals who cross my path during mediations. My strengths lie in understanding and supporting individuals. I have an understanding of social interactions. Over the many years I have honed my skills to a degree in which I believe I am efficient and effective in assisting various individuals in overcoming difficult circumstances. I have learnt to cope with and balance enormous pressures in very demanding environments.

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Certification - associate Mediator ADR.MEDIATOR.CERTIFICATION - ASSOCIATE.V. (VERUSCHKA)-NAIDOO.2021-04-01.1D3IY0 2025-01-01
Certification - associate Negotiator ADR.NEGOTIATOR.CERTIFICATION - ASSOCIATE.V. (VERUSCHKA)-NAIDOO.2021-04-01.TOVB3A 2025-01-01

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