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Mediation is a negotiated, voluntary dispute resolution process.

It gives partners/spouses/co-parents an opportunity to be in control of an amicable, cost effective and much more efficient and tailor-made divorce/separation.

It is a more holistic approach to the issues at hand! It’s not just about the legal issues, but about what feels fair and what is age-appropriate and in the children’s best interest (if any).

The role of the mediators is to provide legal and other relevant information, to enable you to make informed decisions together. The decisions in the room are made by the two of you. The mediators are there to assist with negotiation and to help generate solutions so that an agreement can be reached. They will not simply assess your situation and dictate a solution. You have to live with the outcome - so it makes sense that you make the decisions.

The Mediation Network also recommend a Co-Mediation Model for divorce/separation/resolution of relationship issues, especially where there are children concerned. This means you will have two mediators, one with a legal background and one with a psychology/child development background. This ensure that all aspects around finances, legalities as well as emotional and developmental needs are considered.

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