Entry Requirements

Version: May 2017
If you want to register as ADR practitioner (arbitrator, conflictcoach, mediator, negotiator) you have to meet the entry requirements.
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1. Background auditAssociateFull
1.1. Proof of no criminal record (letter of good conduct, police clearance or equal)yesyes
1.2. General letters (2x) of recommendation, issued by any third party, not family or employeryesno
1.3. Letters (2x) of recommendation, issued by clientsnoyes
2. Identification audit
2.1. Completed online application formyesyes
2.2. Proof of company registration | or own statement 'not connected to a company, working for own risk & account'
2.3. Proof valid liability insurance policyoptionalyes
3. Experience audit (*) (**)
3.1. Current scope related curriculum vitaeyesyes
3.2. Over specific number of years of experience + number of client experience
3.2.1. If arbitrator: 2 years + ≥ 15 client assignments
3.2.2. If conflictcoach: 2 years + ≥ 15 client assignments
3.2.3. If negotiator: 2 years + ≥ 15 client assignments
3.2.4. If mediator: 2 years + ≥ 15 client assignments
4. Education | Training audit (*) (***)
4.1. Proof of prior education & training
4.1.1. For all ADR practitioners: minimum higher or university level education or demonstrable and verifiable thinking, knowledge and working level
4.2. Scope and (sub)types related accredited basic professional course
4.2.1. For all ADR practitioners: required
5. Knowledge test (exam) (*) (***)
5.1. Knowledge test (theory only)
5.1.1. If arbitrator: required
5.1.2. If conflictcoach: not required
5.1.3. If negotiator: required
5.1.4. If mediator: required
6. Skills test (exam) (*)
6.1. Skills test
6.1.1. If arbitrator: required
6.1.2. If conflictcoach: required
6.1.3. If negotiator: required
6.1.4. If mediator: required
If you have over 12 years of verifiable scope related experience:

Contact office operations to discuss possible exemptions and the individual entry audit.
Exemptions can be granted for education, knowledge test, skills test.
If you do not yet comply with the required two of years of experience you can show verifiable proof of comparable experience in client assignments, clockhours or turn-over.
Client assignments
If less than required years or experience than ≥ scope related number of client assignments
If arbiter: ≥ 25 client assignments
If conflictcoch: ≥ 25 client assignments
If negotiator: ≥ 25 client assignments
If mediator: ≥ 25 client assignments
Clock hours
If less than required years or experience than ≥ scope related number of clockhours
If arbiter: ≥ 250 clockhours
If conflictcoch: ≥ 250 clockhours
If negotiator: ≥ 250 clockhours
If mediator: ≥ 250 clockhours
If less than specific number of years experience than ≥ specific scope related turn-over
If arbiter: ≥ euro 25.000,-
If conflictcoch: ≥ euro 25.000,-
If negotiator: ≥ euro 25.000,-
If mediator: ≥ euro 25.000,-
If you did not complete accredited education, training and knowledge tests however you did complete comparable programs and tests you can have your individual curriculum examined. Individual curriculum accreditation is possible. Based on your curriculum you might be exempt for the regular accredited training and tests or you will get partial exemptions. Contact office operations to discuss the options.