CPD exeptions and exemptions

1. General
1.1. CPD assessment associate certificateholders
  • CPD assessment of associate certificateholders is executed at the end of the associate period or when upgrading to full certified.
1.2. Certificateholders with 'honoray' or 'specialist' status
  • Certificateholders with 'honorary' or ' specialist' status are exempt for CPD
1.3. For EMCI Register certificateholders co-registered with ADR Register
  • EMCI certificateholders co-registered with ADR Register are exempt for the CPD obligations within ADR Register.
  • For these certificateholder the EMCI CPD obligations apply.
2. For negotiators
2.1. Content-negotiators
  • If the content-negotiator is an employee and full employed within the scope the content-mediators is exempt for the CPD obligation to register assignments.