ADR.INT.0360 skills test mediator | live audit

Version: August 2016
CLICK HERE for the requirements of the skills test mediator
Live assessment, on a location of your choice or online
  • You perform your live test using your own case, a case delivered by ADR Register or the agency.
  • Available cases are
    • Labour dispute
    • Public - private dispute, so between government and a private party
    • Business dispute
    • Neighbour dispute
  • You are allowed to chose your own case.
  • If you wish to create and execute a case create by yourself / delivered by yourself, you will be required to present this respective case to Global Network Group and it will be up to them to decide if this is allowed. You must make this request a minimum of one month in advance with respect to your skills test or your request will be automatically denied.
The nett amount of session time must be:
  • minute -60 or earlier: candidate is present on location
  • Minute -60 to -30: candidate chooses case situation
  • Minute 0: start
  • Minute 1 to 15: opening
  • Minute 15- to 40: exploration, eventual negotiation
  • Minute 40 to 45: ending your session
  • Minute 45 to 55: feedback party / actor 1 (not required)
  • Minute 50 to 55: feedback party / actor 2 (not required)
  • Minute 55 to 60: self reflection mediator (required/compulsory)
  • Minute 60: end
  • Remarks
    1. BE IN TIME!
    2. If you are late you can be excluded from participation
    3. Take into account when planning the rest of your day: the schedule can vary, we do not guarantee the schedule!
    4. Your assessors have the right to change the timetable, to give specific instructions, to skip stages or speed up the mediation and to ask for a specific intervention / technique. You must follow the instructions of your assessors. The intervention of a assessor does not mean you have done something wrong or incomplete or you have failed; please remain calm and continue your performance!
  • Documents maybe anonymous
  • Global Network Group guarantees full confidentiality
  • If required a confidentiality agreement will be provided
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Other languages are allowed however have to be negotiated and will cost extra. The extra costs consists solely out of translator fees
  • Exclusively via email or another form of digital data transfer such as dropbox or we-transfer
  • Sending us your documents via regular post or cd is not permitted
  • You will receive your results 1 month after uploading your exam documents / files