ADR.INT.0250 skills test conflictcoach | portfolio audit

Version: august 2016
The candidate is able to apply all aspects of the arbitration process and techniques in a professional way as well as make all involved parties familiar and comfortable with these processes.
The candidate designs his way of communication between parties in such a way that (1) safety is the number priority, (2) respect is shown with all involved parties, (3) room for change is made, (4) new insights are created, (5) obstacles to reaching the end goal are eliminated, (6) progress is made, (7) targets are achieved
The candidate is (1) aware of the (necessary) commercial and business aspects of his/her/the conflictcoaching office, (2) a decisive process manager who upholds all conflictcoaching related processes and gives parties a sense of personal leadership, (3) physically and mentally able to conduct conflictcoaching sessions, (4) is professional and knowledgable, (5) able to cope with emotions and non-functional behaviour as well as the occurance of third parties, (6) enthousiastic and stimulating towards all parties and the conflictcoaching process itselves, (7) has been theoretically educated in conflictcoaching to a sufficient level and posses sufficient coaching skills / abbilities, (8) has sufficient knowledge of both the theory and traits of conflicts and disputes.
You supply us with the following 4 audit documents:
Document 1: overview of handled client (conflict) coach assignments
  • Name and file the amount of handled (conflict) coach assignments performed over 4 consecutive years.
  • Minimum number of clients assignments: 15
  • There is no requirement for you to add a portfolio
  • Global Network Group always remains the right to conduct an audit of verification
  • Classify your handled client assignments; you may work with your own classification system.
  • Communicate to us which percentage of assignments, succeeded, failed and which percentage left room for imporvement
  • Motivate your findings
  • Which recommendations do you award yourself with regards to your overview and findings
Document 2: Self reflection based on client recommendations
  • Gather two client recommendation written by a client.
  • The client must be listed in the overview as mentioned in document 1
  • Ask the client to take into account the following components when writing the recommendation
    • Give a general recommendation
    • Descripe at least one specific good aspect and at least one specific aspect that needs improvement
  • Based on both recommendations: reflect in general and reflect on the specific good aspects of your coaching and on the aspects that needs improvement
  • Motivate your reflection
  • Attach the recommendation to your reflection document
Document 3: Personal schooling
  • Describe which type of CPD you will follow in the upcoming two calendar years
  • Explain your choices and goals
  • Reflect on the effects and consequences - how does this effects your business and personal performance - if you do not complete the intended CPD
  • Motivate your reflection
Document 4: The coach as entrepreneur
  • Describe your commercial and business related goals / targets for the upcoming two years
  • Describe how you intend to achieve these goals and which external factors you will be utilizing when necesary
  • Documents maybe anonymous
  • Global Network Group guarantees full confidentiality
  • If required a confidentiality agreement will be provided
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Other languages are allowed however have to be negotiated and will cost extra. The extra costs consists solely out of translator fees.
  • Exclusively via email or another form of digital data transfer such as dropbox or we-transfer
  • Sending us your documents via regular post or cd is not permitted
  • You will receive your results 1 month after uploading your exam documents / files.