Our CPD & exam software

Registration and certification implies for obvious reasons testing on CPD, knowledge and skills.
Exam software
We offer our agencies and (candidate) practitioners dedicated and tailor-made online knowledge test facilities.
With 24/7 access professionals can participate in online exams.
Our exam software is also available for other organizations.
We are flexible in structuring on relevant exams topics, such as duration, cesura, intervals, audit-options, item bank.
If you design your exam-structure, we can implement it into our exam-software.
We are specialized in developing, operating and auditing skills tests.
Skills test are always designed in line with your specific criteria and requirements.
CPD software
Practitioners register their CPD smooth and quick online in our dedicated CPD application. Our CPD software is also available for other organizations. If you want your members to register CPD, we have the perfect solution available. Manage your CPD administration with our CPD software & application, and make 24/7 information available for your board and supervisors.
Please contact our office-operations and ask for more information and a personal quote.